Texas Senate Advances Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill


Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas –
Today the Texas Senate passed HB 3557, the
Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, moving this important legislation one
step closer to becoming law. The bill, authored by State Representative Chris
Paddie and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Brian Birdwell, strengthens
protections of Texas’ critical infrastructure facilities from those who
trespass with the intent to damage or impede operations, while maintaining
current laws and statutes that allow for free speech and the right to protest.

“The State of Texas is one step closer to providing private property owners and businesses that operate critical infrastructure facilities and their employees greater protections against intentional damage, delays, and stoppages caused by illegal activity,” TXOGA President Todd Staples said.

“While state law does and will continue to preserve the rights of those who wish to legally and respectfully protest and express free speech, this bill is badly needed because, unfortunately, we have seen too many examples of illegal activity that is costly to Texas businesses and local governments and puts employees of these facilities in danger, as well as endangering local law enforcement who respond.”

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Texas Senate Advances Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill

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