Smoke from the Camp, Hill, and Woolsey fires has forced Californians to don air masks. But measuring air quality is more complex than you might think. Source: Science News

The literal shape of cities appears to exacerbate hurricanes’ rainfall, according to new research on Hurricane Harvey. Source: Science News

Resiniferatoxin is 10,000 times hotter than the hottest pepper, and has features that make it promising as a painkiller of last resort. Source: Science News

Texas Enterprise Fund attracts more than $853 million in new investments, 16,500+ new jobs across Texas Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — “Texas is a leader in the establishment of…

The buoyancy force gives you the boost that helps you float and do cool maneuvers in water. This experiment lets you see it in action. Source: Science News

Though we can point to a lack of rainfall to explain the devastation from the fires in California, they’re ultimately a product of a warming world. Source: Science News

Karl Friston’s free energy principle might be the most all-encompassing idea since Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. But to understand it, you need to peer inside the mind of…

With the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo continuing to spread, neighboring Uganda deploys its health care defenses. Source: Science News

The Camp Fire, Hill Fire and Woolsey Fire share an origin in the jet stream, which has produced extreme winds that are spreading the flames and hampering firefighting efforts. Source:…

A debate over the most efficient way to watch a cult classic TV series’ episodes, in every possible order, lies at the heart of this mathematical breakthrough. Source: Science News

Lots of wind along with very dry vegetation turned the Northern California wildfire into a high-speed menace that tore through Paradise and Butte County. Source: Science News

We can use video analysis to test whether an escape pod carrying R2-D2 and C-3PO in the first Star Wars movie was modeled using a KFC bucket, as one theory…

An MIT professor argues that misinformation boils down to one simple thing: mental laziness, exacerbated by social media. Source: Science News

A novel system monitors the dynamics of colonies exposed to imidacloprid, a neurotoxin that belongs to the infamous neonicotinoid group of pesticides. Source: Science News

Centuries-old ideas about force and motion have an intuitive appeal that is enduring but oh-so-incorrect, as these simple experiments show. Source: Science News

“Hopefully we will no longer see the science committee used as a messaging tool for the fossil fuel industry,” says Rep. Bill Foster, a science committee member. Source: Science News

Washington voters will likely shoot down a ballot initiative that would tax carbon emissions, but carbon pricing is still likely to reach the US. Source: Science News

Major environmental ballot measures passed in Florida and Nevada, but not in Washington and Arizona. Source: Science News

4-H Teen Leadership Retreat set for Jan. 4-6

Registration now through Dec. 21 Writer: Paul Schattenberg, 210-631-0400, Contact: Cari Snider, 325-784-5482, BROWNWOOD — 4-H members in grades 7-12 and adult leaders can hone their leadership skills…

This month, HawkEye360 will send up satellites that monitor the radio transmissions of ships, planes and other things on Earth, allowing them to be tracked by their communications. Source: Science…