Physics class can get painfully abstract. But you can collect your own data to see Newton’s second law in action. Source: Science News

The idea of “zombie scrolling syndrome” has legs, after all. From worms to wasps, nature has figured out mind control—in ways that bring to mind social media. Source: Science News

Researchers have developed a robot that roams a greenhouse, eyeballing peppers to determine if they’re mature enough before sawing them off the plant. Source: Science News

Target Malaria hopes to eradicate Africa’s malaria-carrying mosquitoes. But when manipulating the fate of a species, moving slowly is a virtue. Source: Science News

In 2016, Evan Ungar set the box jump world record at 63.5 inches. Here’s how he does it—and how he could go higher. Source: Science News

The FBI ordered an evacuation at Sunspot Observatory, in New Mexico, in a child porn investigation. But that’s only one of the forces causing the town to empty out. Source:…

The brain’s way of processing smells is inspiring scientists to rethink how we design machine learning algorithms. Source: Science News

The universe’s origin story lies in fast-moving and faraway objects. Source: Science News

North Carolina is being slammed by a succession of disasters triggered by Hurricane Florence. The latest scare is from coal plants, where pools of ash are at risk of spilling…

Light-years, parsecs and more: these are the units for describing distances between planets and other astronomical objects. Source: Science News

The Delta II rocket was a workhorse, with 153 successful launches and a bevy of wild scientific missions to its credit. Source: Science News

The transmission electron microscope has a new bag of tricks, revealing the properties of materials at a much higher resolution than ever before. Source: Science News

Officials are pushing for extreme self-sufficiency when the next hurricane, earthquake, or other catastrophe hits, but the advice can be unclear and impractical. Source: Science News

Scientists have demonstrated a promising technique for measuring and mapping your exposome—the flecks of animate and inanimate stuff that surround you at all times. Source: Science News

Inflatable graspers don’t have to be taught how to hold something, the way robo-hands do. Source: Science News

A new method looks at the DNA of elephant tusks to pinpoint the crime networks behind disparate stashes of poached ivory. Source: Science News

The Empire Strikes Back brought us the TIE bomber—and new physics questions to try to solve. Source: Science News

Opinion: As the work of biologists and computer scientists converge, algorithmic secrets are increasingly found in nature Source: Science News

A new robotic jellyfish can squeeze through holes smaller than its body size. Source: Science News

This past winter, inside a mountain on the Amazon founder’s West Texas ranch, the Long Now Foundation began assembling its 10,000-year clock. Source: Science News