AgriLife Extension beef cattle experts to discuss production at TSCRA convention

Dr. Dan Hale, AgriLife Extension meat specialist in College Station, will co-lead an extensive overview of the beef supply chain from the ranch to the retail meat case at the…

NASA has selected two organizations to host the final phase of its four-year series of increasingly complicated technical demonstrations involving small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones. Source:…

The National Weather Service will soon introduce a new forecasting model, but meteorologists are saying it’s worse than its predecessor. Source: Science News

The assumption goes that lab-grown meat will drastically reduce emissions of beef production. But you know what they say about assumptions… Source: Science News

Bryan Police Investigating Friday Reports Of A Private School Threat And Two Armed Robberies

A Bryan private school reported to police a student made a threat to do bodily harm against two other students. According to BPD, officials at Harmony Science Academy turned the…

Nuking a grape produces sparks of plasma, as plenty of YouTube videos document. Now physicists think they can explain how that energy builds up. Source: Science News

Sharks are renowned for their wound healing, lifespans of 70-odd years, and low rates of cancer. Their genes could reveal their superpowers. Source: Science News

After sepsis forced the amputation of Sheila Avento’s hands, an intricate transplant technique made her whole again. Then came the side effects. Source: Science News

While the eye is superior at perceiving sizes and ratios, the ear is better at detecting patterns that occur over *time*. Enter: sonification. Source: Science News

We do actually become less attentive as we get older, but refocusing someone’s attention can have concrete physical effects. Source: Science News

A long-standing mystery in neuroscience is how the brain attaches a timestamp to our memories. Researchers now may have identified a neural mechanism. Source: Science News

All that rain drenching California this week came from an atmospheric river. A new rating scale would tell you how much water is fueling the system. Source: Science News

University and high school students from Florida will have an opportunity to talk with a NASA astronaut on the International Space Station next week. Source: NASA

Social science has an image problem—too many findings don’t hold up. A new project will crank through 30,000 studies to try to identify red flags. Source: Science News

This electromagnetic catapult flings airplanes into the sky (and giant sleds into the water). Here’s how to calculate the projectile motion involved. Source: Science News

Close encounters of the orbiting kind are getting so common, the Air Force’s alerts are starting to look like junk mail. Source: Science News

The virus is the most contagious in the world, exploiting the human body’s immune system to spread with extreme agility and harming its victims for years. Source: Science News

NASA announced that, after 15 years and 5,000 charge cycles, the Mars rover Opportunity is officially dead. Here’s what killed the tenacious little robot. Source: Science News

NASA has selected a new space mission that will help astronomers understand both how our universe evolved and how common are the ingredients for life in our galaxy’s planetary systems. …

AntBot looks for the polarized light from the sun in order to find its way. Your robot car could do the same one day. Source: Science News