Memories begin when your neurons respond to outside stimuli—and compound to rewire your brain. Source: Science News

Researchers believe the ballooning stem cell clinic industry is taking advantage of the federal repository’s honor system. And patients will be the ones to pay, literally. Source: Science News

Last week, HHS abruptly canceled two years and $213 million worth of grants meant to aid teen pregnancy prevention, stunning public health researchers around the country. Source: Science News

You can blame climate change for all those wildfires, but don’t forget another factor: We love to build on the edge of wildlands. Source: Science News

Bryan School Board Promotes Two Administrators And Hires A Third

The Bryan school board unanimously promoted two administrators and added a third at Monday night’s meeting. The new position is chief of staff to new superintendent Christie Whitbeck. Filling that…

A controversial study of the electric grid, requested by Energy Secretary Rick Perry in April, is finally expected to be released this month. Source: Science News

The Structural Genomics Consortium encourages pharma companies and academics to put all their cards on the table in the interest of speeding up drug research. Source: Science News

Last Thursday, a bunch of space capitalists met with a bunch of senators to talk policy. Source: Science News

Last week, military officials described how climate change would escalate instability across the globe and make it harder for the US military to conduct its operations. Source: Science News

Sex might help natural selection purge excessive mistakes from our genes. Source: Science News

So what kind of energy does it take, and what on earth happens if that sack lands on someone? Source: Science News

Whiskers are all the rage in nature, so why not give them to robots? Source: Science News

The next release of sterile mosquitoes from MosquitoMate gets an assist from robotic sorters from the Google spin-off. Source: Science News

Several academics named in a database of Google funding recipients say they’ve never received money from the company. Source: Science News

Texas A&M AgriLife celebrates 50 years in Overton

Writer: Adam Russell, 903-834-6191, Contact: Dr. Charles Long, 903-834-6191, OVERTON – The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Overton celebrated its 50th year of research, innovation…

Both deal with forces acting on an object, which often leads students to think they are similar. In a way, they are. Source: Science News

Silver-plated fabric sensors could give wearables more of the stretchability and comfort of the best sweatpants. Source: Science News

Even if climate change didn’t send Larsen C packing, the air and oceans on Earth are incontrovertibly warmer than they used to be. Could an event like this move a…

Forget about rain delays or missing flight crews. Climate change means the real problem for aviation will be heat waves. Source: Science News

NASA’s Juno spacecraft made its first close pass by Jupiter’s big red spot, and it’s got the pictures to prove it. Source: Science News