MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson on why the Westworld dystopia is (hopefully) far off and why you should never use a telepresence robot to tell someone they’re dying. Source: Science News

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In a new video, a team of robo-puppers pulls a truck as if it were a sled. Here’s how to estimate these SpotMinis’ pulling force and the friction involved. Source:…

When an unborn baby is diagnosed with a life-threatening defect, it can be devastating. So some scientists hope to treat the fetus in the uterus, using gene editing. Source: Science…

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The state legislature used a method that’s designed to capture the intensity of a voter’s preference as a way to fix some of traditional voting’s big problems. Source: Science News

The fire turned the thousand-year-old roof to ash. But a digital replica of the cathedral could help make its restoration all the more complete. Source: Science News

A massive effort to catalog the number of male-female births shows that 23 million women were never born who should have been, according to the natural sex ratio. Source: Science…

In the remote French Pyrenees, scientists are finding tiny bits of plastic—likely blown from big cities like Barcelona, 100 miles to the south. Source: Science News

Your phone charger and USB cables look like they’re single cords, but don’t be fooled: Unwrap any cable and you’ll find multiple wires inside. Source: Science News

To show climate change’s devastating effects, the Weather Channel used its immersive mixed-reality studio to span centuries. Source: Science News

The tiny price point could launch the robot into research stardom, forging a path to a future in which machines can do just about anything. Source: Science News