Scientists in China have used a cutting-edge Crispr technique to repair a disease-causing mutation in viable human embryos. Source: Science News

With simple tools, there are three things you can observe to support the heliocentric model of the solar system. Source: Science News

If we want to solve climate change, there’s no other option. Source: Science News

Scientists track in incredible detail how the giant kangaroo rat and over 400 other species struggled and triumphed amid a punishing drought. Source: Science News

All your industrious tracking of periods, sex, and basal body temperature is also valuable as a database. Source: Science News

Climate change could increase river flooding damage by as much as 1,000 percent, an ambitious new study finds. Source: Science News

In a given thirty minute episode, 4Tech’s hosts might test for counterfeit medicines at a pharmacy in Ghana, try out a wetsuit in cold Russian waters, or peek into a…

A neurological “functional fingerprint” allows scientists to explore the influence of genetics, environment and aging on brain connectivity. Source: Science News

If the unconfirmed claims of a room temperature superconductor are real, this is _bonkers_. Source: Science News

SpaceX’s first crew is starting training on cockpit simulators and replicas of the spacecraft that will take them to the ISS. Source: Science News

Your phone can measure acceleration, magnetic field, sound, location, and maybe more—which turns it into a portable data collector for science projects. Source: Science News

The first high-quality, complete sequence of the bread wheat genome could support the creation of the first genetically modified wheat. Source: Science News

A pair of clever studies show how the development of advanced social robots is far outpacing our understanding of how they’re going to make us feel. Source: Science News

Surf’s up, dude. Source: Science News

Social media could help monitor air pollution that physical monitors miss. Source: Science News

Networking isn’t inherently evil. It’s how teams of drones will one day be able to survey natural disasters, rescue survivors, and deliver your burritos. Source: Science News

“Minnesota actually gets just about the most smoke days of any state in the US, you just don’t notice it.” Source: Science News

Researchers are using eyeliner and fake eyelashes to tease apart the complexities of the jumping spider mating ritual. Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Arachnid Edition. Source: Science News

And cooking it to kingdom come won’t necessarily protect you. Source: Science News

Really, this is a classic projectile motion physics problem. Source: Science News