Arty versions of science classics are mostly a gift for your midcentury modern coffee table—but crack them open, and you might learn a thing or two about science too. Source:…

Jill Tarter and Maggie Turnbull discuss Trappist-1, the Fermi paradox, and Fast Radio Bursts at Wired25 Source: Science News

Crowdsource Rescue, a kind of “Uber for emergencies,” has become the leading tool to coordinate volunteer rescuers, helping them check on hundreds of vulnerable individuals. Source: Science News

The legendary crustacean uses a hammer-like appendage made of ceramic and polymer to deliver its punishing blow. Source: Science News

If we ever move off-planet, we’ll have to get more serious about distinguishing between ‘mass’ and ‘weight.’ Source: Science News

We’ll soon find it hard to know with our own eyes if a video is real or generated by AI, but new algorithms are staying one or two steps ahead…

Nick Hague, the NASA astronaut onboard the Soyuz rocket that failed after takeoff last week, recounts his experience inside the capsule. Source: Science News

Researchers used people’s Facebook data and their medical records to detect early symptoms of a mental health problem. Source: Science News

It’s a lot easier for regulators to understand the need for new frameworks that allow innovations like drones, when every flight could potentially save a life. Source: Science News

Onstage at WIRED25, 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki and bioengineer Stephen Quake focused on unlocking the secrets hidden in blood and spit. Source: Science News

Urmila Mahadev became obsessed with a basic question in quantum computing: how do you know when the computer is cheating? Source: Science News

A new video of SpotMini, a quadruped robot, shows the mechanical pup looking more businesslike than usual. Source: Science News

When the FDA discovers that a supplement is contaminated, it might issue a voluntary recall—and that’s about where the action stops. Source: Science News

Estimating answers to everyday physics problems is an art form. Here’s one tip: learn to ignore what you don’t know. Source: Science News

A new video of Atlas, the company’s two-legged robot, shows off its agility as it bounds up a platform. Source: Science News

Consumer genomics is making it easier than ever to identify individuals from anonymous DNA databases. Even if you’ve never spit in a tube. Source: Science News

The spacecraft’s failure minutes after launch—the second mishap in recent months—raises questions about how people will travel to and from the space station. Source: Science News

Storm surge depends on wind speed, shoreline shape, and timing. On two out of three, Florida got slammed. Source: Science News

Growers in California want to do for their legendary marijuana what the champagne appellation has done for French bubbly. Source: Science News

Personal genomics is booming, but there’s a nationwide shortage of genetic counselors who can make sense of that DNA data. Source: Science News