NASA astronaut Scott Tingle will be available at 6 a.m. EST Friday, Dec. 1 for live satellite interviews one last time prior to his upcoming launch to the International Space…

In a Silicon Valley office park, a startup is developing a system that could automate greenhouse farming and help feed the world. Source: Science News

Jim Bridenstine faces a hostile GOP on climate—but he also needs to build cred with NASA scientists. Source: Science News

When urban infrastructure enables outbreaks, it’s not just a medical tragedy. It’s a signal of a failure yet to come. Source: Science News

Astronomers are mystified by a strange star explosion in a distant galaxy that might be a relic from an earlier cosmological era. Source: Science News

Inside the squeaky-clean room where techs prepare weather instruments for launch. Source: Science News

Just like your belly, Mars has scars left by the ebb and flow of magma from ancient volcanoes. Source: Science News

NASA has successfully launched for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the first in a series of four highly advanced polar-orbiting satellites, equipped with next-generation technology and designed to…

The study that gave the Vaporfly 4% its name just came out in a peer-reviewed journal. Source: Science News

Take a close look at the R2-D2-shaped lander that startup Moon Express wants to land on the moon. Source: Science News

A new photographic technique from researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is exposing coral like never before. Source: Science News

A new alliance has representatives from Pittsburgh, Essen, Beijing, and other metros swapping strategies for transforming from a factory town to a sustainable city. Source: Science News

Kaspersky Lab – Beyond Black Friday Threat Report, November 2017

Introduction The festive holiday shopping season, which covers Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday in late November as well as Christmas in December, now accounts for a significant share of…

The Atlas humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics can now do backflips. That’s one hell of a feat for a bipedal machine. Source: Science News

With gene drives, scientists are trying to supercharge evolution to eradicate malaria and save endangered species from extinction. But is this DARPA-funded tech safe enough to test in the wild?…

NASA has selected a science instrument for an upcoming Japan-led sample return mission to the moons of Mars planned for launch in 2024. Source: NASA

Students at Southside Elementary School in Lebanon, Tennessee, will have the opportunity to speak with NASA astronauts living, working and doing research aboard the International Space Station at 10:05 a.m.…

The government launch is even more hush-hush than before: Reports simply say that Zuma is bound for low-Earth orbit. Source: Science News

The transmission, Sónar Calling GJ273b, explains Earth’s concept of music, from basic addition up. Source: Science News