State Rifle Assoc. Warns Voters of “Fake News” 2nd Amendment Group

Beware of mailers questioning your Elected Officials Record on 2nd Amendment Rights

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Primary Season is upon us, and in the increasingly dirty world of political advertising its raising its ugly head in the form of misleading & dishonest “Fake News Scorecards” landing in mailboxes across Texas. There seems to be no limit to the lying about candidates’ records, or the amount of outside-of-district money these apparently desperate groups will spend.

Particularly of note, says the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) in a recent email to supporters in East Texas, is the “fake news” regarding the records & positions of Pro-Gun Incumbents on 2nd Amendment issues coming from an unknown “firearms group” with questionable motives.

“The latest target is NRA-PVF endorsed and A+ rated State Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Van), whose voting record on firearms bills is impeccable,” says the TSRA Email.

“An organization calling themselves “Texas Gun Rights” recently sent an attack piece out on him, questioning his commitment to protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

“Here are the facts:

  1. Dan Flynn sponsored and passed NRA-backed bills that significantly streamlined the process to obtain and renew a License To Carry.
  2. Thanks to his legislation, LTC holders can now process their renewal completely online.
  3. Dan also voted for landmark NRA-supported Open Carry, Campus Carry and LTC Fee Reduction Legislation,which brought application costs down to among the lowest in the nation.

“If that doesn’t convince you that the authors of the hit piece are trying to deceive voters about Dan Flynn and his record, try this on for size.

“They also claim that he refuses to go on record in support of your right to legally “Stand Your Ground” and defend yourself against armed thugs in the street.

“What they fail to mention is that “No Duty to Retreat” was a key component of NRA-backed Castle Doctrine Legislation which the Texas Legislature passed more than TEN YEARS AGO.

“Of course, Dan Flynn co-authored and voted for that bill.

“On Tuesday, March 6, ignore the “fake news” and support the candidate in the Republican Primary for Texas House District 2 who has a proven record of fighting for your 2nd Amendment Rights! Vote to re-elect Dan Flynn and encourage your family, friends and fellow gun owners to do the same,” concluded the rifle association’s message. (emphasis added.)

Dear Texas State Rifle Association Members, Family & Friends:

  • The complete Texas State Rifle Aassociation-PAC Voter’s Guide is available at

Statewide & Legislative Incumbents with a Score of A+ who have Primary Election Opponents:

  • Governor Greg Abbott (R)              A+
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R)         A+
  • Senator Donna Campbell (R)         A+   (SD-25)
  • Senator Craig Estes (R)                    A+   (SD-30)
  • Rep. Dan Flynn (R)                            A+   (HD-2)
  • Rep. Ryan Guillen (D)                       A+   (HD-31)


  • First Day of Early Voting, Feb. 20th
  • Last Day of Early Voting, March 2nd
  • Election Day is Tuesday, March 6th.

Source: Texas Politics

State Rifle Assoc. Warns Voters of “Fake News” 2nd Amendment Group

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