State Rep. Dan Flynn: On Border Security; His Anti-Sharia Law Bill & Election 2018

“The Pro-Life Bill we passed this last Legislative Session was more conservative than the bill Wendy Davis filibustered a couple years ago — and yes, we did defund Planned Parenthood. We also addressed the issue of selling small baby parts,” State Rep. Dan Flynn, one of the Texas House’s most conservative members who serves as chairman of the House Pensions Committee, tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — With the March 6th Texas Republican & Democrat Primaries right around the corner, and Early Voting beginning next week, State Representative Dan Flynn sat down to discuss what’s on the mind of the Texas Voter prior to the Election.

“As far as Sanctuary Cities, we outlawed them and the Attorney General (Ken Paxton) is already working on that and it was certainly part of Gov. Abbott’s plan.

“Those were huge issues — plus we put $800 million dollars into Border Security to stop illegal immigration in Texas,” said Flynn, the representative from House District 2 in East Texas tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“We’ve come out of one of the most conservative sessions the legislature’s ever had… at least that’s how Gov. Abbott described it. Because in Texas, we solve our problems,” said Flynn in a wide-ranging interview.

When asked for an example of his own legislative priorities that contributed to that conservative session, Flynn said,

“My American Laws for American Courts Bill (ALAC,) which prohibits State Judges from applying foreign laws like Sharia Law in Texas, because it infringes on our Constitutional Rights, was my #1 priority. It was unanimously passed in both the Texas House and the Texas Senate, and the Governor signed it as soon as it got to his desk.

“When I saw what was already happening in some place across Texas — they were able to do it through arbitration, and it certainly restricts women more than it does men — I was greatly concerned,” said Flynn.

“We went to all the Family Law Courts and made sure they understood it, we got an Attorney General opinion from Ken Paxton, and now its been selected by the National ACT for America organization as their #1 Bill for promoting… and 7 other states have already taken it up since we passed it in Texas,” Flynn said.


Source: Texas Politics

State Rep. Dan Flynn: On Border Security; His Anti-Sharia Law Bill & Election 2018

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