Republican Convention Update: A Fight for “The Heart & Soul of the Texas GOP” Plays Out

A Long time activist explains how James Dickey’s “integrity” & “Libertarian-backing” are being used to take over the Republican Party of Texas

By Janet Jackson

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) has long had convention fights over which faction would lead “The Party” into the future. And in the past, all types of “Texas Conservatives” have been welcomed to join in the almighty fight to defeat Texas Democrats in order to keep Texas Red.

But with this year’s crop of interlopers, something is different.

In keeping with that tradition, when Texas Libertarians attempted to move into the Republican Party infrastructure via Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign, they were welcomed with open arms in order to join the party’s fight against state Democrats.

Their interest doesn’t seem to be in line with fighting the Democrat Party of Texas. Rather, they appear to be vested in the opportunistic use of the Republican Party, which has Republicans asking questions prior to the party’s bi-annual convention in San Antonio later this week,

While many political insiders believe it could determine the future of the Texas’ Republican Party, others say the warning should have been clear when James Dickey and his fellow travelers accidentally included the 2014 Republican Platform Chair in an email chain, saying:

“Since the Libertarian Party is a lost cause, we should join the Republican Party and take it over.”

In other words, use Texas Republican Party resources and ballot box name acceptance to elect Libertarian candidates running as Republicans.

And so the battle began, as the latest strain of Texas “Republicans” struggled with the tactics of Saul Alinsky and his book “Rules for Radicals.”

The tactics include:

  1. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.
  2. When you push a negative hard & deep enough, it will break through into its counter side. And,
  3. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

Many Texas Republicans believe  or now fear  that the Texas interlopers are following those traditionally Democrat tactics to a T.

“The ends justify the means. This is war,” Texas Republicans have heard many of the newcomer’s leaders say.

And as seen in their tactics during March’s Republican Primary mailers, any means means … “The truth as most know it is relative. Its always changing.”

Many of Texas’ most conservative Republican elected officials say they were on the receiving end of such relentless attacks during the recent Republican Primary. They and their Republican donors felt the brutality of the tactics.

“Honesty? In the minds of the Libertarian activists? What does ‘honesty’ have to do with anything when the goal is to win?

In keeping with Democrat strategist Saul Alinsky’s tactics, if something negative can’t be found, make something up and force the opposition to defend itself!

The most recent statewide director of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign was recently elected to serve on the State Republican Executive Committee, along with several other Libertarians.

And true to form, they proceeded to get themselves and their followers placed on the State Convention Rules Committee. They knew that the Republican Party’s Rules Committee’s Report is almost never changed on the floor of the State Convention.

With the most dramatic party platform change, made to party Rule 44, which with its modification will allow the RPT to attack any Elected Official “censored” by majority vote of the State Convention, or 2/3rds vote of the SREC… Democrats are surly dancing in the streets over Libertarians having accomplished what they never could — tearing the mighty Republican Party of Texas to pieces.

While the interlopers were able to place their followers on the State Republican Executive Committee, the all-powerful SREC has already served as a precursor to this year’s State Republican Convention when they elected a Libertarian, James Dickey, who comes from the “Real Republican” branch of the party known as the Republican Assembly, as State Republican Party Chair.

During the SREC vote that made Dickey chairman, which was won by a single vote, Dickey has since admitted making misleading statements before the SREC’s Candidate Forum in order to appease 3 SREC Members, claiming that the party’s respected and long-serving fiduciary officers would continue to serve under his new leadership, which swayed the votes to assure him the margin of victory.

In fact, Dickey has since said, he carefully crafted his comments to indicate that while the party officers had indicated they would be willing “to serve” in his administration, he had not directly promised them their continuance in their current positions.

Then, in his first move after being elected chairman, Dickey immediately fired the long-standing officials in front of the the SREC, saying he’d only offered them their continuance, while not guaranteeing it.

So its now undeniable that the first shots have been fired across the bow of the Republican Party.

Whether mainstream Texas Republicans realize it or not remains to be seen.

While Dickey’s tactics have left many Texas Republicans questioning his motives  backing candidates who often hold dubious party qualifications, yet are willing to pledge undying fealty to the “Party’s Platform” while doing as they’re told to dishonestly and viciously attack fellow Republican officeholders, misrepresenting or lying about their actual voting records  Dickey’s leadership appears to be splintering the state’s dominant political party while driving friends and neighbors to each other’s throats.

“It’s intellectually dishonest,” said Sylvia Nugent, respected Republican strategist with decades of Texas political experience.

“I don’t mind a bloody primary when you stick to the issues, but when they throw millions of dollars… of our party donor’s precious and valuable money into intimidating and discrediting a person’s actual record… They don’t want independent effective members of the legislature. They want sheep.”

Janet Jackson served on the State Republican Executive Committee from 2010 through 2016. She was elected and served as President of the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association from 2016 to 2018.

Source: Texas Politics

Republican Convention Update: A Fight for “The Heart & Soul of the Texas GOP” Plays Out

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