Record Republican Turn-Out Dampens Media’s Democrat Wave Narrative

Democrats fall 775,000 short of 1978 primary record

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — Ahead of Tuesday’s Primary Election in Texas, it was widely speculated that a “blue wave” of Democrat enthusiasm would sweep across Texas. In actuality, according to the Texas Secretary of State, there was a record “red wave“ turn-out for Republicans in the non-presidential-year primary.

While Democrat turnout increased in the March 6th primary, it fall well short of the 1978 record when 1,812,896 registered Democrat voters — or 775,132 more voters than Tuesday — went to the polls.

1,543,574 Texas voters participated in the Republican Primary. Of those, 804,581 – or about 52% – voted early.

1,037,764 Texas voters participated in the Democrat Primary. Of those, 565,344 – or about 54% – voted early.

The Secretary of State still considers the numbers unofficial because a few precincts across Texas have yet to report their final numbers.

A closely watched matchup is set between U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and his Democratic challenger, El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke, although few believe Cruz’s re-election is in doubt.

“There’s no doubt that Congressman O’Rourke’s real base is in the national media, and we’ve seen numerous breathless and fawning profiles on him.”

Reiterating that his “number one priority is jobs, jobs, jobs because that’s what Texans care about,” Cruz also spoke of how the current administration has galvanized Democrats.

“The extreme left is energized and angry. They hate the president and are mobilizing in a powerful way,” said Cruz.

Gov. Greg Abbott also clinched the Republican nomination for governor, and enters the general election as a heavy favorite against whoever emerges from the Democratic primary, where a May run-off is necessary after no Democrat candidate was able to garner more than 50% of the party’s vote.

Source: Texas Politics

Record Republican Turn-Out Dampens Media’s Democrat Wave Narrative

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