Patrick Campaign on Straus Contributions to So-Called ‘Responsible’ Republicans

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – (HOUSTON, TX) – Texans for Dan Patrick issued a statement today following a press release by out-going House Speaker Joe Straus regarding his involvement in the 2018 Republican primary elections. Patrick Campaign Strategist Allen Blakemore said:

“The Lt. Governor is very proud to have been actively engaged in five state senate races that resulted in securing the GOP nomination of two new principled, conservative senators – Pat Fallon and Angela Paxton – and that of three stalwart conservative leaders – Senators Donna Campbell, Bob Hall and Joan Huffman. Senator Huffman defeated Speaker Straus’s hand-picked candidate and Senator Hall defeated a member of the Straus leadership team.

“Unlike Speaker Straus, who had to launder his campaign contributions through large PACs so his involvement wouldn’t hurt the candidates he was supporting, Lt. Governor Patrick was up front and transparent in all five races, spending $591,160.

“It is worth noting that the senators the Lt. Governor helped elect in the primary support the agenda that was endorsed by primary voters on the March ballot while the so-called ‘responsible Republicans’ backed by Straus continue to oppose a strong sanctuary-cities ban, like they did in the legislative session, while fighting genuine education reform, border security, and trivializing the protection of women’s privacy.

“In the end no one was fooled. Primary voters know that ‘responsible Republican’ is just a code word for ‘liberal Republican’ and the smoke screen didn’t work.”



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Source: Texas Politics

Patrick Campaign on Straus Contributions to So-Called ‘Responsible’ Republicans

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