Common Sense Border Security Solutions: PART IV from Dennis Nixon

There are Enhanced Border Security opportunities already available

By Dennis E. Nixon

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — The border still faces a substantial illegal immigration problem with individuals coming to the U.S. in hopes of participating in the American Dream — a chance to succeed. That being said, a one-size-fits-all barrier approach to the border security issue does not, and will not, work.

It’s vital that we work with the local terrain and topography to create the most effective barriers to entry.

Texas has a natural barrier in the Rio Grande that can be easily enhanced to help prevent future illegal entries. The Weir Dam projects in both the Brownsville and Laredo sections of the Rio Grande are being proposed. A Weir Dam broadens the reach, width, and surface area of the river, thereby making it more difficult to cross. Security experts state that the best security comes in layers.

Weir Dams can be coupled with sensors, cameras, and the eradication of non-native plant species along the riverbanks, which are hiding grounds for immigrants and pose a risk to Border Patrol agents.

Additionally, Border Patrol Agents need an all-weather access road to patrol the riverbank.

All of these assets, when combined, provide a tiered, multilayered approach to border security.

There is another project that would add significantly to enhanced law enforcement: paving the Mines Road (FM 1472) from Laredo to Eagle Pass, which would create a modern river road. Currently, there is a significant section between Laredo and Eagle Pass that is not paved and not maintained as an all-weather road.

This deficiency creates obstacles to access the river as well as quick response times.

Border Patrol executives have long been in favor of paving this highway to improve access, and  significantly improve response times as well as protect the condition of the Border Patrol’s equipment. The current roadway is so bad that traveling at high speeds is nearly impossible, and the use of the road is very hard on vehicles.

The additional benefit of this highway is to create enhanced commerce between the border cities of Laredo and Eagle Pass, which would provide a favorable asset for economic development. It also adds traffic to the area which makes clandestine travel much more difficult for illegal immigrants as well as drug and weapon criminals.

This is another win-win for border security and economic enrichment, versus building a physical barrier that adds little value for anyone.

To solve the border security problem, we must look at reasonable and productive solutions that benefit both the U.S. and Mexico.

Maybe it’s time to add some “Common Sense” to all the questions surrounding Border Security & Immigration.

Dennis E. Nixon is the principal architect behind, the Chief Exec. Officer, and Chairman of International Bancshares Corporation & the International Bank of Commerce — the largest minority-owned bank in the United States. Overseeing $11.8 billion in assets, with hundreds of full-service branches, Nixon is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading bank authorities & executives. Instrumental in the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA,) Nixon has long been involved in the economic relations and financial growth between the United States & Mexico. A Past President of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Laredo Development Foundation, Nixon currently serves as a senior member on the Board of Visitors of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

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Common Sense Border Security Solutions: PART IV from Dennis Nixon

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